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Can anyone help me identify this camera?

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Hello, I'm new and looking for some information/help. We found what I believe to be thermal imaging camera of some sort, at work. My boss tasked me to find out what we need to get it back up and running. I have not been able to find any info on it online, hence I found this forum in searching for help. None of the marking come up in google searches and I have no documentation or power cables for it to even see if it works. Thanks in advance for your help.

There is no brand name on it anywhere

To provide better help, you really need to take the cover off the enclosure and show us the camera that resides within. It is likely to be a thermal camera core alongside a visible light camera core for dual wavelength imaging. Such technology is commonly used surveillance, Fever Screening and the medical profession. The two cameras will likely be combined via a USB Hub or Ethernet streaming board. In some cases, as often found in military and marine applications, two composite video outputs may be present and a control port used to command ten cores.

The thermal camera lens looks familiar to me but that does not actually identify the core that sits behind it.


A closer study of your camera suggests to me that it could be a bespoke build rather than a standard Commercial, Off-the-Shelf product. The enclosure looks like a good quality project type enclosure and the bare metal edges of the visible light camera shows a lack of consideration for aesthetics and light reflection adjacent to a lens.

You definitely need to open that enclosure. It looks to have screw covers on the front that may reveal enclosure screws beneath.


Ditto what Fraser said.  That looks like a home made box and those four plastic pieces look like screw covers.    Most IR camera vendors are proud of their stuff and slap their name/logo somewhere on it.  If not then post up any numbers you find on it and somebody on here can likely help identify it.

Thank you. I will open it up today and report on what I find.


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