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Cannot decide between InfiRay T2L and P2

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I want to buy a thermal imager for various things. Does not need to be the most precise measurement. It is more of a fun thing for me, but I also want to do some basic stuff like finding thermal leakages of my houses insulation or of some badly insulated pipes etc.
A have narrowed it down to the T2L and P2, now I need the last bit of information to finally decide.

The T2L has a FOV of 33,4 while the P2 has a FOV of 56. 56 is more like human vision in terms of how large the area is that can be imaged. The T2L has manual focus which is quite useful, I presume, if I want good quality images. I am also a hobby photographer and can see some (artistic) uses for this kind of imaging.

Could someone make a photo of a face (or face sized object) that is frame filling and tell me (for each camera) how far he is away from that face/object?

I don't have either of those cameras but I do approach my thermal imaging from the photography front.

If the resolution is the same, I'd definitely recommend going for the narrower FoV and manual focus. That gives you the greatest flexibility.

There's considerable discussion on the merits of different approaches (and a lot of representative images) in the two gallery threads:

Gallery I

Gallery II

The second gallery was started because the first one broke due to some arcane forum limitation.

I made some specific comments about choice of thermal imager for artistic use here (many others have also contributed valid viewpoints).

There are a number of sample high resolution thermal images (multi-megapixel) around (examples here, here, here, here, here, here - you will need to hit the little 'download this photo' icon bottom-right of the black area to get at the actual high resolution versions, which go up to some 40 megapixels). None of these would have been possible with a wide field of view thermal camera.

I'm a firm believer in interchangeable lenses, but there aren't that many affordable thermal cameras on the market with swappable optics.

Thank you so much for your viewpoint. I am also leaning towards the T2L (focusable) and your post as well as some images gave me the right nudge.
I'm ordering the T2L now.

First post on this forum,  :) . I have the T2L and P2, as well as the T2 Search. It is interesting that InfiRay dongle thermal cameras use different software apps. P2 and T2L have more in-app features than the Search but I prefer the 9mm lens on the T2 Search for my uses.


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