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Cheap new basic thermal camera on eBay - Multicomp / Uni-T + teardown

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My opinion of the design and build quality found in this unit ?

More than acceptable. Very good in fact  :-+



--- Quote from: Fraser on October 14, 2021, 12:24:42 pm ---SPECIFICATIONS
Palettes: Iron, rainbow, grey

--- End quote ---
Actually there are four different Palettes: Iron, rainbow, grey and fast(high temps in orange-yellow, lower temps in grey white). Turn of all menus with photo(back) button, then press right button to enable/disable "fast" color mode.

Also, you can force camera to do a calibration routine. Turn of all menus with photo(back) button, then press left button to calibrate (it will click and show "calibrating" on screen for 1 second).

I received my device today, expected on 16th, received on 10th. nice surprise
and I must say that for the price it's a real nice little device, always on hand, ready to shoot some thermal image, not a lot of resolution , but enough for most.
thank you Fraser and elect_peter to make me aware of this opportunity.


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