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Cheap new basic thermal camera on eBay - Multicomp / Uni-T + teardown

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I spotted a Multicomp MP780429 compact thermal imaging camera on eBay the other day and thought I would share details with the forum.

The unit is FLIR Lepton 2.5 based so is 80 x 60 pixels radiometric. We have seen it previously in its Uni-T branding but this unit is branded “Multicomp” which, from memory is the Farnell/CPC ‘own brand’. This unit is also sold under other brand names.

Why do I mention this unit here ? Well it was being offered for £120 by the eBay seller the other day. He has several new units in stock. He dropped the price to £109 yesterday and offered me one for £100 today. I accepted his offer as this little unit, though basic, will be useful in the tool kit  :-+ The small screen is actually a benefit when working with a 80 x 60 pixel image as it looks better !  ;D

So if you are in the market for a cheap, basic Radiometric thermal camera, take a look here…..

I have no connection with the seller or the item that he is selling.

Datasheet is here…..

The usual limitations of the FLIR lepton core apply. It is fixed focus so for close-up work you need to place a cheap ZnSe CO2 laser cutter lens in front of the cameras lens. All detailed in various posts on this forum.

The claimed measurement capability is -10C to +400C which is impressive  :-+

That is all for now  :)

The Uni-T branded UTi80P version….

£208 to the UK on 30% discount so the EBay unit I bought is less than half that price  :-+

Farnell catalogue page for the MP780429 camera…

Looks like they are out of stock with a back order lead time of 148 days !

Video of the Uni-T UTi80P in operation…..

A neat little unit in my opinion  :)


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