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"cheap" Thermal USB Cam for Motion Dedection?

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--- Quote from: lichenzc on June 14, 2022, 03:57:46 pm ---Hey, I bought this from a second-hand trading app in China.It's a QVGA thermal module with 13mm lens and type-c interface.The software from offical may meet your requirements.The price is just under $500.

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Whoahhhh, how many of em you got? I'm interested

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I only have one´╝îit's sold in a second-hand trading app callde "xianyu" in China.I might be able to help if you need.

Bill W:
There were a few addon programmes done for WinTV cards back in the Win98/WinXP days, motion detecting and timelapse on analogue video inputs, which of course can be any spectrum.

I have the downloads if anyone is interested and cannot find them, file dates are Dec 2000


Google "Phil Hobbs, Electrooptics, and Footprints. "
You may like the reading material.


Lord of nothing:
I bought an "cheap" Thermal cam from Hikvision for demo Purpose.
The quality of the Thermal Cam is as expect very low but good (enough) to see if a big thermal mass aka Human is walk where the should not.


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