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"cheap" Thermal USB Cam for Motion Dedection?

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Lord of nothing:
Some Company offer since a view years USB Thermal Cams for a reasonable Price. Still back then I thought why not use them for Motion detection?
Before someone start to argue why not use a "traditional" System its simple. A Camera can differ if someone is moving inside or outside an designated area.
For example there is a Door and there are Steps going up and down. So there is no need to illuminate both sides fully when someone going just one direction.
Sure with Multiple Motion Detection Sensor its maybe possible to replicate to but I would say a Camera its way easy to use.
Are there some Software who can do that on a Single Board Computer still today?

I've done quite some coding of live streams for Seek thermal cameras and IMHO it should be easy to write software that would call some other service (maybe send mqtt mesage) if there are movements in specific areas or someone moving in specific direction...
And you should be able to find cheap Seek modules on ebay really cheap because thermal images were crap. (But still good enough for detecting movements in areas)

ThermalExpert cameras also have available SDK so this is another (a bit more expensive, but better quality) option...

Another cheap and easy option is this 32x24 IR sensor MLX90640:

Lord of nothing:
 :-+ nice!
Well another idea is to detect when a Handicap Person need some assistance for example when the fell down in the Bathroom, Toilet,... where a "normal" Camera is prohibited. Sure such Thermal Device should NOT be able to access from outside to be GDPR compliant.
How about my idea?  :-//

A Uk company, Irisys produced motion tracking cameras for people counting using their own 16x16 pyroelectric IR sensors for many years. They are now part of Fluke


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