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Chinese thermal camera teardown and repair video


HI All,
I have this up on my YouTube channel, but thought I would share it here in case it is of interest to anyone here.

I purchased a cheap thermal camera from Aliexpress, it worked for a short time then died, this time got shorter and shorter, the seller was not being very helpful, so I pulled it apart to fix it, twice.

On the plus side, I ended up getting 3/4 of my money back, and I have a working camera.


Part 2:

How much for this thermal camera? Is the repair easy? Thanks.

The issue was that it had been poorly made, it looked like it had some hand soldered post manufacture repairs or modifications, as can be seen in the video the parts were not installed very well, with flux residue left on the board, in the end the actual fault was a tantalum capacitor that had been installed backwards !

Performance wise, it works, but it isn't amazing or anything.

I paid US$230 for the camera, I notice that the prices are usually around US$280, however, due to the fault and the seller not being very helpful about it, I lodged a dispute and requested money back for my time spent fixing it (Aliexpress hold the money until the sale is completed), Aliexpress found in my favour (as I provided these videos as evidence of it being faulty) and I got US$150 back.

I'm surprised a tantalum cap survived reverse polarity and almost behaved like an NTC, they usually fail far more excitingly.

What resolution/framerate does it have? Any idea if it's a domestic Chinese sensor or they're using some common FLIR core?

I found it interesting that the UI has almost no text, meaning they don't have to do any (poor) translation.

From memory it is 80x60 maybe 6 frames? , but I might be wrong, I have a mailbag video which shows it's specs from the box.


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