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Source of Infiray Tiny-1B - P2 teardowns anyone?

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Does anyone know how to or has recently had any luck contacting Infiray? I'm trying to figure out how to buy their Tiny1-B module, but I haven't had any replies to their generic email besides "Our salesperson will contact you" and radio silence.

I've tried WeChatting their listed account (only get automated looking product placement) and reaching out to the Yantai Iray Alibaba store ("hello friend´╝îthanks for your inquiry. Our salesman will contact you" then nothing).

Any other ideas?


Most of these large thermal imaging core manufacturing companies are inundated with requests for thermal imaging cores due to the significant increase in demand for thermal imaging products. Sadly they are unlikely to respond to requests for single or small quantities of the core.

Crazy as it might sound, sometimes it is easier and cheaper to buy a complete thermal camera that uses a certain core and extract the core from it. In your case, the Infiray P2.looks a likely source of the Tiny-1B. Multi platform SDK support can be a challenge though as you need to go through Infiray customer services for that.


I contacted them on all email that I find, because im searching for C210 model and cant find it anywhere...
They respond me on infiray officially aliexpress store and from this email:

So contact them on that email, that is email from tehnical support. They answering fast (in Chinese work time)


--- Quote from: Fraser on January 19, 2022, 10:28:35 am ---In your case, the Infiray P2.looks a likely source of the Tiny-1B.

--- End quote ---

I actually got someone to reply from a couple different places. The word seems to be that the Tiny1-B is either out of production or out of stock, but they have a Tiny1-C. Unfortunately, it is a SPI-based module so not useful for me.

Do you know for sure that the P2 contains a Tiny1-B core? AFAIK it's the only one with a native UVC (USB) output. If anyone has opened one up I'd love to hear about it before I spend the money.


Tiny1-A is non Radiometric. Tiny1-B is Radiometric. Infiray P2 is Radiometric

Infiray have the S0 and Tiny1 miniature imaging cores. S0 is too big to fit inside the P2 and is used in the more expensive T2L. Tiny1 will fit inside the P2. Have they built a custom PC and core for the P2 ? No idea  :-//

You decide what core is likely in the P2  ;) I can say no more as I do not own one. Your money, your decision. You could always ask Infiray if the P2 contains the Tiny1-B core as they may be willing to answer that simple question about their own core and product.



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