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Control software for Raytheon cores?

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Hi friends.
Anyone have control software (GUI or command list) for Raytheon BST and ASi cores?
Also, does the analog BST (300A) cameras support serial communication?

Bill W:
BST core control software was found and posted on the forum.

I have put a copy on my website

ASI 'customer' did very little, just a start screen I think.  I do not think the ASi 'factory' ever got out.


Thanks Bill.
But I think your link is for digital (300D) BST only, what about analog versions?
Also I've seen some feature-rich controller for ASi screen shots here:
Is that considered as "controlled release" or something?

Bill W:
I am not aware of anything for the 'analog' BST cores.  I do not recall any control being advertised on the main 80-way but would need to check further - and cannot at present.
I think calibration access was via the PCB finger edge connector.

The GUI you have found is for later ASi series, 3500/3600/4500.  My comment referred to the earlier 2000AS core


Hi Bill.
Just another question... Can we increase the gain on analog BST cores? I remember read in the forum that there's a "pot" to adjust, how can I do it?


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