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DIOP 75/250mm F2.3 Lens for MWIR Amber Radiance HS/Galileo Camera

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Just wanted to post about my latest acquisition! I plugged it into my Amber Galileo and it fired right up. The FOV change and focus still work. The lens looks like it was well taken care of as it still has the front lens cap. I have seen these lenses usually in white but this black one seems to be super rare.

I ordered a 8pin Fischer 104 connector from aliexpress so that I create a cable to power it as a standalone unit. I was able to get it to work with my SC6000 too and the lens is so big I had to use a black foam square as the NUC target haha. Thinking I should make a metal mount for this so it can be put on a Tripod. (I think I need a beefer tripod now lol)

I've only seen the brown ones in person but old data sheets showed black ones in the pictures.    Any idea whats in the filter wheel?  I've seen NUC plates in some.  Gave you an easy way to get a quick 1-point update.

yep, very jealous!

Oh wow I didn't even know there were brown ones! And I checked the filter wheels 3 are empty but 2 have some sort of frosted glass ones. I'm guessing it is a NUC filter cuz it blocks IR (cant see through it) when I set the position to them.

Seen black plate and frosted white.  The black plate is NUC and the other may be acting as a 2nd NUC point with a different emmsivity.    If you can see any IR through it then it may actually be a diffuser .. basically blurring out the scene to allow NUC through lens.

Yeah I will have to double check later if any IR passes through. I managed to take this out of the filter wheel. (Definitely have to be careful not to drop the screw in there haha)


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