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Disassemble a FLIR ONE PRO 3 Philip infrared camera 拆解一个FLIR ONE PRO 3菲力尔红外热像仪

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--- Quote from: k8943 on May 08, 2021, 04:54:28 pm ---Was unable to  find a connection between  the end of the ribbon cable at the +5v pad and any of the pads on the  lightning connector.

--- End quote ---
Making a case on a printer is very cool for me! Probably not easy to do all these model size descriptions ...
I'm not an expert on Apple technology, and besides, I don't have it. But, as I understand it, Apple's smartphone won't give 5V just like that. We need microcircuits. The problem is the lack of 5 volts only in this.
Read here:
And here is a chip to give 5 volts:


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