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Does anyone have any thoughts on InfiRay M200A or M200F?


I'm looking to purchase a thermal imager which would be used mostly for looking at PCB component temperatures, PCB troubleshooting, etc. Budget is max AUD$1500 ex GST (plus a macro lense).

I'm led to believe that the InfiRay M200 series may be a little better build quality and faster than something like the Uni-T uti260B.

Or am I better off just saving the money and getting the Uni-t?

The M200F seems to retail at AUD$1500 so is at the top end of my budget, whilst the M200A is around the $1000 mark - that's from a local AU retailer and I haven't requested a quote to see if they can do a better price. The Uni-t is around the AUD$500 mark so quite a price difference.

I couldn't find any feedback here on the M200F - its relatively new and includes manual focus which may be useful? Having not used one before I don't really have a feel for how useful that would be.

Or perhaps there are better options that would also fit the budget - keen to hear your thoughts.

Do you know InfiRay T2S PLUS´╝č It has macro lens.

Could you please share the purchase link of this product? Is it needed to plug into smartphone?


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