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e4+ vs therm app vs thermal expert

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Hi, I was looking at a camera at this price point.

I would use it mostly for home issues, to find insulation problems, holes on HVAC ducts, air leaks etc.

I have seen that the therm-app produces super images but not to clear on the flir e4+ (mod) compared directly to the therm-app or thermal expert.

any advice,

Thank you.


I don't have any experience with any of the devices you consider. But i had Flir One for a while now, and i find it pretty annoying having to attach it to the phone every time i want to check something. Most of the time, for quick checks I'm too lazy to find my phone and just use the IR gun instead..

So I for one would definitely go with the E4 instead of one of those phone attachments just as a matter of convenience..

The modification of the E4 is a great option if you don't mind the difficulty level and the fact you have to hunt for a specific model that has an older firmware. Most the ones I see listed, the seller knows you want it for that reason and gouges the price.

As far as the other two, very good units. Personally I would go with the Thermal Expert because it's slightly cheaper of the three. It also fits right on the bottom of the phone, rather than being required to clamp on.


I was looking into buying it already with the mod so is around 1,200 the therm-app is about 950 the I3 not sure.
I have not seen good side by side of the e4 mod vs the other two.

I wonder if I would regret getting the E4+ if the other two are that much more advance to see air leaks from the HVAC ductwork.

Thank you.

I tried both, and ThermApp's image is better than the MOD E4+. App has more pixels and the 19mm lens is larger than the E4's 6.7mm.
E4+ has more temperature measurement options and a report option.

If you only concern the image clarity, pick the APP.


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