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E5/E8 to E60 MKI worth it?


I have an E5 running the special edition firmware and a chance to buy an E60 MKI for what appears to be a pretty good deal. I'd lose MSX but gain other features. I'd likely be able to sell my E5 for close to the same price. Worth the effort these days?

MSX is not really needed with the Exx series and you will gain so much the ability to fine focus manually use a different lens if needed

100% agree, MSX is pretty much a gimmick. the manual focus of the E60 is a game changer. From what I've seen and read the sensor is the same 320*240, but the lens is vastly superior.

MSX is not exactly a gimmick, but it is the most useful with low* resolution and not sharp-focused lens. *Low resolution ends at ~256*192 - 320*240 resolution range.
Manual focus is much more valuable than MSX. There is a reason why macro lenses for thermal cameras are in high demand.


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