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Female charging adapter socket for Flir


Hi guys,
It needs a female charging socket, can you help me find a name or code for it?

It is a OEM connector for FLIR, you couldn’t purchase the right one.
Here is the non-OEM product:

Thank you for your answer. yes, the image of this product is slightly different, the adapter input may not fit this socket.

I found the nearest possible equivalent for the original FLIR part and it is the one detailed by Railrun. At the time I discovered it, I suggested that FLIR had a custom connector produced using the MQ172 series as a start point in the design. The MQ172 series are smaller than the FLIR part and the ‘keying’ of the connector is different. I have not been able to find a supplier of the FLIR connector and they have to be robbed from parts donor charging docks and original FLIR power adapters. In some cases, users elect to have a MQ172 series connector installed in the camera and charging docks so that a standard connector is present for adaptions. The plug on the power adapter must also be changed, of course.



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