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Finding my drone in a tree with thermal imaging

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Hi there,
I have spent a frustrating 3 days looking for my phantom 4 drone in a huge ash tree. Its about 30 meters tall and i cant for the life of me see the thing.
I was wondering whether anyone here would know whether a thermal imaging camera would detect the drone from the ground. Assuming that the drone is probably at the top of the tree, that would be around 30-40 meters away. The drone is our of battery now so i assume no real heat emanating from the motor, but i wondered about the difference between a plastic object and the tree structure in thermal properties.
Any advice greatly appreciated.


Tried binoculars without success. As you can imagine there are a lot of layers of leaves

do you have a decent camera? Take a couple photos and post them up. Someone has good eyes. Might also use photo editing SW to manipulate colors and shading.

Thanks for the suggestion, and i cpuld try that tomorrow. But getting back to my original idea, does anyone have any thoughts on the usefulness of a thermal imaging camera to locate the drone?


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