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I have several licenced FLIR and AGEMA camera control and image analysis/reporting programs. I thought it might be useful to others with FLIR cameras if I list what I have. Some of the AGEMA software was renamed by FLIR and updated. FLIR Researcher is basically the same as the original AGEMA IRWin Researcher with additional camera support added.

If anyone needs my help regarding any of these software programs, I will attempt to assist. I use licenced copies of these programs so can only provide copies of the software and not the licence. FLIR provided me with the Reporter 2000 Pro software as I had a licence but no disks. It is worth contacting them if you lose your disks.

Some of the Industrial thermal cameras are not supported by the very latest analysis and control programs. I cannot control the S40 with ResearchIR 4 Max, but I can control its stable mate of the same period, the A40. Go figure  :-//

IRWin Researcher and FLIR Researcher can control the FLIR PM series cameras. Version 2.9 supports many other camera models including the S, SC and A series. The dedicated PCI and PCMCIA video capture cards are also directly supported. The Image Explorer 99 program is free to download from FLIR. It enables viewing of the proprietary image format used on the PM series Industrial cameras. It was updated by FLIR in 2007, yet was still called Explorer 99  :-//

1. AGEMA IRWin Researcher 2.01 Pro
2. FLIR Researcher 2.9 Pro
3. FLIR ResearchIR 4
4. FLIR ResearchIR 4 Max
5. FLIR Tools
6. FLIR Tools+
7. FLIR Reporter 2000 Pro
8. AGEMA Image Explorer 99
9. FLIR Image Explorer 99 (Updated 2007 version)

I have various other pieces of software for my Thermal Camera collection. I may well produce a comprehensive list on this forum as some of the software is now as rare as hens teeth. Some is licenced, some is freeware. Just to avoid any awkward requests, I am not a software Pirate.


Responding to your call ...

I have an examin ir software 1.2 basic version (unbelivable! my institution paid $15,000 for it), which I used to record some thermal videos. These were saved to disk in SEQ format, but with Agema File Format header (0xAFF are the first three bytes of the file, compared to later "flir file format" header 0xFFF, which can be sliced by later tools, e.g., exiftool, check github).

I am looking for quick way to extract frames from multiple SEQ files, in CSV or some other non-proprietery more-modern thermal data format.

The way I am currently doing it is limited by the examin-ir-basic features: I programmed mouse to click through the menus and extract a single frame from the SEQ as a csv file. This takes approximately 20sec/frame, 2hrs/300-frame-video, and cannot be further automatized (I cannot run script overnight to go over multiple SEQ files).

Does any of your software pre-2009 support extraction of frames from AFF/SEQ videos?


Hi Fraser,

I was able to get some "new" stuff over the past month : a FLIR SC2000 as well as a SC500.

For now, I use a 30 day Reasearcher 2.8 copy to use their digital interface. But with one of then, their was a FLIR Reasearcher 2001 licence. But, I do not have the disk that should have come with. Do you have a copy of the installation software or do you think that I could keep to get it from FLIR. I tried to search on the FLIR website on the lagacy part but I just find some drivers up date.

If you can give me any leads to get a copy of the installation file, it will be great !

Since I have get this new materials, I shall put a message on the selling section soon for a PM695 and a SC300, once I will have update my setup.

Best reagards,


I believe I do have that software but it will be quicker for you to ask FLIR Customer Services for it as I am working away from home at the moment.

Kind Regards



thank you for your answer. I will try to send a request to the FLIR Customer service with the product number and my licence key.

I will keep you inform.

Best regards,



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