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FLIR Boson 640 Variant Teardown (Autoliv NV4?)

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I was also looking for the information about this device. It appears that this division of Autoliv underwent some corporate shenigans and this product is now called Veoneer NiVi4 (I was wondering why Autoliv NV4 yielded little results).

The MSRP of ~$850 sounds incredibly low for 640x512 LWIR device. I wonder if there are some savings done somewhere (lens sounds like the primary target) as the consumer Boson retails around $3000.

It's likely down to the locking down, lens and a simplified system, no need for ratiometrics here, and can use less than the best FPAs, plus larger scale manufacturing via fixed price contract.

where did you see the MSRP $850? 


Of course, I can't really vouch for this, as I have not tried to actually purchase it at this price. There was one used unit on US ebay for ~$400, but I don't currently have the neccessary mental bandwidth to make use of such a purchase.

Perhaps the GMSL interface is compatible with this 'Vision Board'?

I haven't taken the plunge to see if this would be compatible with my GM branded Flir Boson "paperweight" yet.


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