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Flir Boson analog video output without VPC?


From the manual, user can use "video tap" feature to change some CMOS pins to outout NTSC/PAL, even without VPC module (But they mentioned an encoder on VPC). But there's nowhere for a even slight more detailed explain, like the exact pinout or if any additional curcuits are needed.
Anyone know about this, or have an official VPC module in hand, which can show photos of both side of the PCB?

This site and product may be of interest. The manuals etc are available to download and there are pictures of both sides of their PCB.



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Thank you, I already saw that, but the photo is too blurry to ID the chip model...

Flir Boson analog video VPC


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Document for this chip:

I was also having a similar question, and this answer means what I guessed was right.
Flir's latest cores like Boson/Lepton is not a result of advanced technology, but just cripple of performance and even features like built-in analog output, power regulator, etc.

What happened to Quark cores? They seem to be the smallest without too much compromise. But few people talk about it.


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