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--- Quote from: sam1275 on October 22, 2016, 08:37:07 pm ---Are there any AI machine vision software already available and free? I think it's interesting to play with.

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No idea about AI, but what I wanted to do is something along these lines:

3D reconstruction with fused thermal data. Thermal camera alone seems rather poor for SLAM (no texture often, edges), but it can be coupled with RGBD (Kinect) or a passive camera. But to make it work I'd prefer something like Tau, with LVDS output, sync pulse (to synchronize/timestamp) and framerates similar to the RGBD/passive cameras. Then this could be coupled into something like ElasticFusion:

Also having multiple views with precise tracking allows super-resolution (FLIR calls that UltraMax markets that as rocket science  :palm:).

Bill W:

--- Quote from: dpenev on October 25, 2016, 08:55:03 am ---
As per my understandings the camera lens adjust the focus by adjusting the DistanceToSensor (I mean here from lens to Sensor). Is this so?

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Yes that will be how it is done.

--- Quote from: dpenev on October 25, 2016, 08:55:03 am ---Based on this I have calculated that the smaller the lens aperture (2.3mm is the smallest) the smaller adjustment of the DistanceToSensor in percentage required.
So I guess 2.3mm objective will get focus the easiest. From the other hand I can not find in the datasheet what range of DistanceToSensor variations the objectives can do?

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The 2.3mm will change focus more for a given movement or rotation.  You may or may not find this easier.

--- Quote from: dpenev on October 25, 2016, 08:55:03 am ---The other (probably related) consideration is the FOV. I consider this as a cone camera can view. Am I correct?
I think my PCB should span as much as possible from the cone at given distance. 
4.3mm objectives has FOV=50deg
6.3mm objectives has FOV=34deg
My PCBs are typically 200mm, and I want to take picture at about 300mm to get my PCB in the FOV I need the 4.3mm objective
With the 6.3mm I will need to increase the distance between the camera and the PCB to 350mm.

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This is correct, although the 'cone' will be a rectangle because of the sensor shape.  Hence you are concerned with horizontal and vertical fields of view (HFoV / VFoV) and some people even refer to the diagonal field of view if they want a big number.
The other concern for you looking at PCBs is the size of one pixel projected onto the board.  If your board is 160mm wide then each image pixel of the 320 wide sensor is sampling a 0.5mm square on the board.

--- Quote from: dpenev on October 25, 2016, 08:55:03 am ---In addition intuitively I think that bigger lens the better as more light will enter.

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No, if they are all f/1 the 'brightness' and resulting signal to noise is the same.
The narrow field of view lenses need to capture more 'light' as it is still spread out across the whole sensor area.


Hi Bill,

Thank you for your explanation.

So if you have to select which of the following two Boson lenses you would get for PCB inspection?
4.3mm objectives - FOV=50deg
6.3mm objectives - FOV=34deg 
f number =1 and price is the same for both.



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