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Looks like a nice camera, prices are not to bad either.

And a real data sheet!

I watched that for a long time, it just become available :-+

I read the long manual...
It's a good core, it provide good image and have many settings can be changed by user, some processing settings really makes the picture looks amazing.

However, if anyone want to buy it, there's somethings you might want to know:
The current batch of Boson is more like a Beta version, some features are not available now, Flir manual says they will be added by the next few firmware version, the update can be done by user, but they cannot promise those new feature will work on old core version.
The difference between 3 Grades - Industrial/professional/commercial are more than NETD. According the manual, The lower the grade, the more bad pixels there will be. Further, the lowest commercial version even have the gain setting locked to high, this means you cannot see things above 150C degree.

There's many advertisement showing Boson can do many cool things such as detect motion, detect animals and vehicle and so on, they put those AI features as the main feature for the Boson. But I didn't see any of those been mentioned in the manual, will they be added by the next few releases, or they are archived by the core itself?

Totally agree, Boson is a very new core and as such will no doubt suffer from (or the user will suffer from) early adopter syndrome.
The on board processing capability could be a game changer or a stumbling block for those who want to (and have in the past) built their own post processing systems.
It is really too early to tell how good those algorithms will be.
I'm sure all the images in the videos were from the higher end devices... that's just normal marketing.

What I'd really like to see is Fraser get a hold of one and do a comparison to his "collection" in terms of image quality.
I'd also like to see Mike get one and do a teardown... just out of raw curiosity.

Why can't the rest of the world enjoy 60 FPS thermal imaging?


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