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FLIR C2 here, Resolution and Menu Hack possible?

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Hi Guys

Managed to pick up some free C3s from a FLIR camera purchase. FYI you can access the hidden menu by holding down the "model number" option in the menu under camera information.

I have version 3.12 but it looks like the files still use the old encryption methods.

Will try and see if I can mod some files!


--- Quote from: WhiteAndBlue on February 22, 2018, 07:22:54 am ---
--- Quote from: joe-c on February 21, 2018, 09:57:12 pm ---Yes, the C2 and C3 allow only one line in Level 1 menu, that's why i reduce the color palettes to only one row.
Additional the Touch is not well implanted. its not possible to move Spots or resize the PIP and you cant change values on the scale.
The C2/C3 show the tiny value change object if you use Isotherm but sadly you don't have possibility to change it with your camera...
I use my "Ex-Tools" to use the functionality like that.

i guess its possible with a little bit time and knowledge about Qt to make some ui hacks.
but... is it worth the time for a expensive Camera with only 80x60 Resolution?

--- End quote ---

It allows two rows even 3 if you want. Spots can be moved and PIP can be resized. The values on scale is my issue now.
I've adapted for C2, BUD's Advanced 3.12 mod for E4.

Downoaded QT and I will try to do a complete facet*.rcc for C2.
For what I need it was enough as it was, but I like to mod stuff :D and for now I don't plan to get other camera.

--- End quote ---

WhiteAndBlue - are you able to share your files and processes to add additional features to the C3?

Could you please share the advanced file from BUD?
I could not find it on the forum and looking to mod a C2


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