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FLIR C2 here, Resolution and Menu Hack possible?

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Hi, I recently bought an used Flir C2(1.1 guessing this is HW version) camera, but in good working condition. Search on the forum but I didn't find anything about Resolution or Menu mod, if it's possible or not. Currently I have fw 2.14 on camera and I see that update to 3.12 is available from Flir.
Some one could help me to backup current files and mod them or mod them after upgrade?

LE: can I safely use E4 RNDIS files to backup camera flashfs?

No, it isn't.
The C2 and C3 use the Lepton2 microbolometer core, which is as noisy and as low-resolution as they state on the box.
Nothing to upgrade or hack, as far as I'm aware - though check out the menu, that might be possible.
Do that before updating the firmware though - older versions might be easier to hack.

I don't understand the appeal of the C3. It's an obsolete product in my eyes. You can get a CAT S60 for the same price an you get so much more.

An older generation of Flir one phone dogles used 120x160 Lepton that were locked down to 120x90 or something. The flir one apps still wastes a few pixels around the edges on. Alternative apps like ThermalCamera+ use custom rendering processes and give you true pixels(instead of blurry upscaled flir rendering) and even support superresolution in some way. But those work on smartphones and probably not on the standalone C2 and C3.

Fake noise could be something you can access. But only old firmware of flir one used this.

There might be menu limitations like number of spots or zones, MSX blend modes etc that can be modified by software.

OK, so resolution mod is out of discussion. I see that the menu is the same as on E4 and also the firmware files lookalike those on E4.

Main questions are if I can safely play with RNDIS files from E4 and if the camera could be bricked only from this, whitout altering files?


LE: backup done using Set_RNDIS_temporary.fif. Powering on camera holding take picture button, it's starting in some RNDIS mode but it's not getting a stable IP address, switching between and and finally to 169......

Install the full driver suite, it should help.


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