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FLIR Configuration GUI - Hidden Manufacturing mode
« on: September 14, 2020, 09:30:43 pm »
For those readers who own FLIR cameras or cores that use a GUI utility running on a PC, you may be interested to hear that the GUI can have hidden additional capabilities. There is a “Manufacturing” mode that is not normally documented by FLIR as it provides access to settings that can impair camera operation if changed without thought.

I thought I would document this here in case it is of interest. I have the required password for two GUI’s but sadly not the one for the TAU thermal core GUI. That ‘TAU’ GUI also supports other FLIR cores such as the Muron, Quark etc.

To access the manufacturing mode, the GUI is started and the user presses


A password challenge appears.

The passwords I know are as follows:

FLIR SC6000 & SC4000 BIG GUI = indigo



Once the manufacturing mode is activated, additional menu’s, sub menu’s or tools appear. Do not expect to find an explanation of the additional functionality from FLIR but some Googling usually explains most settings.

If anyone discovers additional Manufacturing mode passwords, please share them here.


Note: The TAU CNV is a low light camera and not thermal. It is not the same GUI as that used by the TAU thermal cores.


The TAU GUI contains the Manufacturing mode but I am advised that the actual menus have been removed :( Older versions of the GUI may still contain the menus so it would be worth checking.
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