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The reason for another E4 thread

The FLIR E4 thermal imaging camera has caused quite a stir as it can be 'enhanced'.

I thought it useful to start a new thread that will contain useful information to owners of the E4, in both standard and enhanced versions.

There is already a Review thread and a Teardown thread. The latter has become a thread on enhancing the E4 beyond its manufacturers intentions.

I would like to suggest that this thread avoids direct review and teardown/enhancement posts as they are better placed in the above mentioned dedicated threads. Links to such threads and postings is fine though. This way the E4 threads will remain on topic.

I hope this thread proves useful to new owners of the E4 and those new to thermal imaging in general.


Useful Links
LENS protection / thermal window material
FOCUS adjustment tool
FLIR Shipping transit times
Understanding and adjusting the Focus on a Fixed Focus lens (as fitted to the E4)
Lens materials and Close-up lenses
The thermal camera development that lead to the FLIR E4 ?
Serial Number recorded against calibration date and firmware
Tripod Adapter for Ex series
E4 3D parts STL file repository
Lens Care
3D printed parts fresh from Lunevalley3D - Impressed.
Lens Focus adjustment Tool
Auxiliary Lens Holder
Ex Series Tripod Mount
FREE training material and e-leaning courses from FLIR
Experimenting with thermal camera lenses
Active Vs Passive Thermography
Observing the Moon and Sky with a thermal camera
Battery Charging options for the FLIR Ex series
FLIR E4 Camera tripod Bracket Version 2
FLIR E4 Official accessory Datasheets
Time line and detail of the FLIR I Series
Why are these thermal cameras limited to 9 frames per second and why are higher frame rates export controlled ?
Ex series Temperature Measurement accuracy - IMPORTANT
Enhancement of the Standard E4 by the User Community
Another Ex Focus Tool
USA FREE GIFT offer still valid - until March 2014
External Charger disassembly & detail
FLIR guide to R&D Thermography - A good read for those new to the topic
FLIR 'Upgrade' countermeasure released today
Close-Up lens - Bi-Convex Vs Plano-Convex
Another Tripod adapter for the Ex series
Information direct from FLIR on the E4 microbolometer
Loss of access to stored pictures - solution

Useful Links

FLIR E4 Review may be found here:

FLIR E4 Teardown and 'enhancement' thread may be found here

Please see the first page for direct links to key information in the long thread.

Interesting Thermal Images thread may be found here:!/msg325713/#msg325713

LENS protection / thermal window material

In case this information is useful to someone else:

A question was asked in another thread regarding thermally transmissive 'window' materials.

FLIR disposable lens protectors for thermal cameras use the 12 or 25 micron shrink wrap plastic called Polyolefin, that is commonly found as the WRAPPER on CD cases.

I bought a large roll of the plastic very cheaply. IIRC around GBP5 for 1mx20m.

Additional info added:

I purchased 25 micron Polyolefin from the following company and it works very well. I just tried a piece in front of my E4 and the camera sees through it fine.

Bee Beautiful

FOCUS adjustment tool

Another thread dealing with the teardown contains the STL file for a lens focus adjustment tool. The work was done by Taucher, so all credit to him. The tool enables adjustment of the lens for close-up working.

As I do not own a 3D printer, I ordered the 3D print from this UK company:

The cost was GBP3 + GBP4.99 for setup and post. I ordered two of the parts and the cost was  GBP10.99 delivered.

My thanks to Taucher for doing the hard part for me.


I have just received a quote from another UK 3D printing company of GBP3 each + postage. They are going to print one for me asap.

I shall advise the results of the 3D printing that I have commissioned when the parts arrive, hopefully next week.


Georges80 has created a Focus tool 3D printing STL file as well. It may be found here:
(message 1385)


I have just received my 3D printed lens adjustment tools and the auxilliary lens holders from
Maybe I was expecting too much from the technology or price point. They are very much what I would expect of a prototype 'draft' rather than a 'polished' product. For $5 each  am not complaining but readers should be aware that the items they receive from this company are utility rather than beautiful. As I say, I may have been expecting too much from a 3D print. It certainly does not seem to like creating cone shapes with smooth sides !

I have another 3D print (Taucher Focus tool) coming from a different UK company called LuneValley3D. It will be interesting to compare the quality to that which I received today.


I have received the Focus tool from Lunevalley3D. It has a finer finish to it, and appears better printed than the UK3D print. I will be using Lunevalley3D as my supplier of 3D printed items in the future. The lens holder and tripod mount will be next. I will post pictured of the Lunevalley3D focus tool shortly.

FLIR Shipping transit times

I am aware that some members of the forum are interested in the manufacturing to delivery time line.

To help, I attach the details of my consignment as tracked by TNT.

09 November 2013      - E4 unit s/n 639065xx Calibrated  ( FW 1.19.8 )
11 November 2013 PM - E4 shipped from Tallinn, Estonia with TNT EXPRESS service
12 November 2013 AM - E4 arrives with PASS in the UK
12 November 2013 AM - E4 shipped to me
13 November 2013 AM - E4 arrives at my doorstep

Not bad ! The Calibration is certainly nice and fresh.


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