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Flir E4 thermal image breaking down

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Steve T:

I'm new to the forum and am looking for some help with my "new to me" flir E4.  I haven't been able to find any pertinent information in the older posts.  Maybe I'm not searching using the correct terms.

The previous owner said that it was upgraded to an E8 using the software hack, but not by him.  He was transferring some images to a computer and some error occurred. He panicked and pulled the USB cord.  When he tried to use the Flir again, the image along the left side of the screen was depixillated.  You can still see the MSX outline of objects, but no thermal information.  I tried deleting all images over and over again and the image improved.  But when I reset all parameters and reset to factory settings, the image reverted.  I'm assuming that this is a software error as the image is better at times.  I have tried to attach an example image but wasn't able.  I will try again.

Here are some specs I pulled from the menu.
Model E4 1.1L
Software 1.22.0

Thank you in advance.


Steve T:
Here is a picture.

I am by no means an expert - but looking at the roundness of the defect - it kinda looks like a lens issue.  :-[

If you show only the visible light image - is it clean? Can you post a actual image from the camera?

Steve T:
The visual light image is unaffected.



It looks like "ring of crap":


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