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Flir E4 Thermal imaging camera teardown

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I used to clean it often and got tired of it. I also tried dielectric grease to keep it from oxidizing which worked for a while. It is quite humid where I'm from so that could also be a reason. But I never had it get to the point that it did not charge due to oxidation, only the intermittent issue when bumping the battery bottom.


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Can someone help with pictures of that plastic part which press button when trigger is pressed? Some dimensions would also help. I need to recreate it  :(

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Looking for this too!
I just picked up a broken flir e4 and this part was missing. It is the trigger button lever arm. It looks like a flexure ABS or PET plastic lever arm. I plan on whittling a mock-up button lever out of a hot glue stick then transferring the design to a piece of UHMW plastic.

If anyone could post a photo of the lever next to a ruler that would be most excellent. Thanks a ton!

Hello dear colleagues, I need your  expert help on how to hack modify Flir B200 . 
Best regars and many thanks

I finally added a Flir E4 to my toolbox, got it hacked up all nice and fancy-like.  Well, just the config file hack only, not the ultra-upgraded UI yet.  Couple of Q's at the bottom.

Could one of the local "Flir Historians" explain to me how rare a find this little eBay gem was?  I'm thinking it's pretty rare, perfect mint condition.  If I didn't know any better, I would think it's bran new, just without that new plastic smell I've grown to love...

Note the FW version and DPad style, 8 digit serial number

Note the "Usage Statistics"... Do these stats get reset on factory restore?
Ignore the "uptime" counter, I just updated date/time.

1) Is there any reason I should even consider updating the firmware?  I kinda like the service menu, but if there's a newer FW that still has it, might as well upgrade.  Or if another FW has must-have features?
2) Are there any "Thou Shalt Nots" that exist somewhere back in the near-decade of posts in this thread, OTHER than do not update FW before restoring to non-hacked state?
3) Any idea what the Service Menu password is for modifying serial number kinda stuff?  I doubt I would ever touch it, but good to keep in my records.
4) Does the Fancy UI hack work with FW this old, or will I have to do something special to get manual temperature range settings and the like?
5) Is the max temp range truely ~250 degC or is there a way to increase that?



--- Quote from: pipe2null on July 29, 2021, 04:37:46 am ---Is the max temp range truely ~250 degC or is there a way to increase that?

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It will display temps higher than 250C, that is just its calibrated range where the reading is accurate.  From memory the software hard stop is 280C, not sure if you can hack that or not.

Since the E8 also has a spec of 250C I suspect the hardware may not be able to do much more than 280C. but it's just a guess.


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