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You can try replacing the other files from the Basic package from the other E4 thread (keep the updated 3.16 DLL). If that won't help then the camera may be damaged, as it seems it is not talking to the thermal module.
I do not know of a possibility of the hardware being too old for new firmware. I'd think Flir Tools would be smart enough to not allow firmware updates in this case.

Hi i am new to this topic and will be the owner of a Flir E4 v1.21 ( hw 1.1L ) soon.  for my model i found the howto and the files like and   but i am curious after a succesfull upgrade on what level i will be..... is it 2.30(E8) , i am completel lost there...

i read a lot of info on this topic and understand there are many different versions which can be upgraded.
but is there a real upgrade path which can be followed for everybody to understand..  i will make a small excel tabel for what i discovered until now.

my opinion is that i am wrong with my conclusion but help/advise wanted.

people like me have or bought a Flir E4 from a specific version and where can we jump into the upgrade path?

do i understand right if all E4 model (v1.xx ) after they are upgraded they are on version V2.30(E8) (yellow) or compatible with v2.30(E8) ?
and from there on can be upgrade by Flir GUI sofware to v2.8 or ...? or is this even a misunderstanding?

if not can someone explain to me and others on this forum new on this topic, on how these upgrade path work to fully understand what to do and which way to go or not no go..
because we all don t want to brick our units by going the wrong path..

because i also read post from version downgrades, then i am totally lost...., why should that be done?

you see many questions but who can clear them up for us newby's  :-//

after reading over and over again.. many page of this topic..   i think it is a bit more clear for me:

first you change your E4 into a E8 with the  RESOLUTION HACK and the MENUADD and afterwards you run the firmware upgrade??  to the latest ..2.8 or.?
 is that how it works?
or from what i saw later first upgrade your device to 2.3.0  and then do the hacks.. ? 

who can jump in and let me know what the best choice is. 

What FW version to stay/upgrade/downgrade to  and then do the resolution and menu hack?


Do Not confuse official Flir firmware version upgrades with EEVBlog (let me call it that way  ::))feature unlocks.

The general advice is: if EEVBlog feature unlock was applied, after that to Not ever perform Flir firmware upgrade as this may brick the device.
So you upgrade the Flir firmware first, then apply EEVBlog feature unlock for the respective firmware version. But before rushing to do Flir firmware upgrade make sure your camera was not already unlock-ized.

Applying EEVBlog unlock does Not change the firmware version. It only unlocks some features available in more expensive models.

ah ok thats is a good one. @BUD thanks for your reply

i heared the Flir E4 which is on the way has already the resolution hack and menu add.  The current E4 version is 1.21.
but what is the benifit off rolling back the resolution and menu hack.

To ask with other words:
i want to use this Flir E4  for PCB check/inspection.
is there a difference between  V1.21.  hacked.  or v2.3.0  hacked?   if there is. ...  is it simple to rolback the hack?

No difference for your purpose, because both will have same 320x240 resolution.
To "roll back" the mod you simply replace the updated files with the original ones. But it must be the original files from that specific firmware revision.


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