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Flir E4 Thermal imaging camera teardown

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26 Dec 2016  Updated method for firmware V2.11 ( no need to downgrade to 2.3)
10 Jan 2016 There is a new firmware, V2.8, which needs to be downgraded to 2.3 for the hack to work. Instructions in This post
30 Mar 2015 Link to step-by-step guide for 2.3 firmware
12th Jan 2015  Link to hack instructions for 2.3 firmware
24th Oct 2014
It appears that V2.3 firmware has now been successfully hacked, but only for increased resolution - see This post and the few that follow for more details.
13th July 2014
New units are shipping with firmware V2.3, which appears to have an encrypted config file. Details of how this version it affects hackability are not yet established - check the end of the thread for updates.
(An earlier version, 2.1 appeared briefly but was reported to have connectivity issues.) 
One user has reported that an old unit sent back for repair was upgraded to 2.3 during repair, but was still hackable afterwards. See follow-ups to this post for more info.

1.2x has countermeasures against the original hack, however  1.21  and 1.22 have now been successfully hacked.
This post will be updated with any important developments, however always
check the end of the thread for latest info

newbie Q&A thread - please post questions about implementing existing hacks there and not in this thread

Marphy's TIConfig utility for one-click upgrade of all current firmware versions

1.21/1.22 firmware hack info

DaveWB's video tutorials for old and new firmware versions

Link to old firmware hack info for all 1.19.x versions b

Link to Taucher's menu hacks (Beta - for advanced users) These enable extra features not even available on the E8 like manual temperature mode, additional pallettes and measure modes, and digital zoom.
check the end of the thread[/b] for any very recent updates.

Info on hacking E30 to E60

Link to Nersut's detailed guide to hacking the i series
Link to older i3 hack info

Tomas123's links on post- processing and measurements using E4 images

Jolly's raspberry Pi E4 video recorder

Links to useful files and documents :
Aurora's Useful  information thread, including log of versions and serial numbers
Flir Tools

Direct (non-registration required) link to Flir RNDIS driver

Tech notes documenting network modes using RNDIS

Info on console commands etc.$A.pdf

There is  lots of other useful info in this thread so well worth a read.

Yes, it has a 320x240 60fps sensor - same as the £4700 E8 model and even more expensive Ex0 series

Perfect timing sir!  :-+ I just got me some tea + fresh banana bread!


Thanks Mike,

Something interesting to watch on a Sunday morning, rather than 'Sunday Brunch' on Channel 4 !



I have posted a UK supplier recommendation here

Message  #1109

The company is willing to offer a discount to EEVBlog members.


I have created an E4 'Useful information' thread here:

Just watched it - impressive how they've managed to reduce both the BOM and the cost of the sensor. I wouldn't be surprised if the only things different on the other models are the add-on boards for wifi/BT and a slightly different firmware and caps table.

The X-ray is new though - film type ?

M. András:
another software locked hardware i see :)  wonder what it actually cost  to sell the same thing for cheaper than the advanced optioned ones


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