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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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--- Quote from: Oda on June 24, 2021, 03:09:53 am ---My questions:

1. Can this modding be done solely on a Win10 64-bit platform without the hit or miss? I've read Monolith was able to do so in post #255.
2. Should I go with a Wifi or USB connection?
3. Which version of PuTTy shall I use?
4. Will the basic modding, change the E4's thermal sensitivity and object temperature range to    <50mk and 1,022°F? Never seen any affirmation nor confirmation about these specs in this thread beside the resolution euphoria.

--- End quote ---

1) yes, I used win10 64bit to do mine
2) I used USB
3) I used 0.70 but it should not matter at all
4) I don't know, sorry

Just make sure you backup all the files that can be copied off (not all files can be and that is ok, some files give ftp errors, just make sure your ftp client skips and keeps going when it hits a bad file. You want a copy of all files that can be copied)
Once you have a backup, zip it up and put it somewhere safe.
Part of the hack process involves changing files on your local PC and the uploading. It would be bad if you made a backup and then, in your excitement, started to edit the files and patch the backup.
So keep the backup and working folders separate.

Also make sure you read through and understand the process listed in the readme files before starting.
Take it one step at a time and pay attention to what you're doing so you dont make a mistake.
Read the forum posts and find someone who has done it successfully with the same FW version you have. They often post info about what they did and what files they used.

The actual process is pretty easy, it doesn't take long, but you must not edit the wrong files or delete something you shouldn't.

Awesome work Bud!

I just bought a second hand FLIR E4 1.2L Non-Wifi that had 2.11.0 software installed. After about 3 hours of struggling (figuring out that I needed FLIRInstallNet.exe from the FLIR Tools and also figuring out that it would take about 3 hours to actually let it upgrade the firmware), I got upgraded to version 3.16.0 and to the point where I could start the liberation! That took about all of an hour, including all the time I was playing with every feature it had in each basic, advanced, and christmas pack modes, as well as backing up each mode individually to allow me to more easily swap between versions if I desire to.

If you could please verify your current crypto addresses so I can send you something that would be great. I don't want to send some crypto to a blackhole!

Also, if you or anyone else in this thread knows, I noticed in the Christmas and advanced packs, the "Hot Spot" and "Cold Spot" measurement modes limit their area to a box in the center of the screen. In the basic pack, the "Hot Spot" and "Cold Spot" Measurement modes use the full screen. I'd like to use the full screen for those "basic" measurement modes and then use the User Presets to do more advanced layouts of measurement if I need them. It just seems like a bummer that there isn't a full screen "Hot Spot" and "Cold Spot" preset anymore.

I'm feeling pretty comfortable hacking around on this thing now, so I'll probably start diffing some of the files and see if that's something I can enable myself, but if there's a built in setting I'm not seeing or if anyone knows how already, I'd love the tip!


Many thanks, Ethan!
The crypto addresses are valid. In regards to the measurement templates, you can simply replace the ones for Cold/Hot Spot ones with the corresponding ones from your backup - look them up in your archive by file names ( i do not have the exact file path handy).

Thanks Bud! I'll give it a shot! Enjoy the ETH!

KD0CAC John:
Just picked up a 2nd hand E4 2.0L  3.13.0 , he bought it to find a roof leak in his warehouse for storing classic cars .
From most of the adds I've seen for new & used , this one did come with Flir case USB cable , but no CD or wal-wart , looks brand new .

Not familiar with computer language , programing so a lot of this looks as a new language ;)
With all the posts / threads , it's getting hard to find specific stuff , Fraser led me to Bud --- thanks to both for all the work .
I did read somewhere that there was multiple upgrades ,some had many new icons in the menu , so looking to see if there is a list of the add functions ?
Guessing I would be fine with minimal upgrade higher grade picture .
But would like to know what I may not want ?

My main interests are for heating / cooling loss construction , diagnostics with electrical I do board work mainly from the ham radio hobby [ I like idea of getting more out the the hobby by finding gear I like that is broken , learning how to fix and then operate , rather than just buy off the shelf ] .

Then my illness of what I call a TOOL-JONES ;) 


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