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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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See post #478 in this thread. You will need the first 2 attachments from that post.  You do not need the "advanced" package based on your requirements.

KD0CAC John:
Thanks again for your efforts .

BUT ;)
What about my TOOL-JONES ;(
A link to the list of the advanced features , to see what I am missing / buy more than I need - a serious TOOL-JONES ;)

Now to apply to my tool , hopefully not brick it - my logic many time does not match lots of computer versions of logic ?

I was asking on another thread if someone [ do not trust eBay sources , let along the cost ] here does remote upgrade , suggestions .
I mostly do not work for free , so would expect to pay for a service , try to turn down free - except on the free section on craigslist - get lot of goodies there .
Thanks again

What is TOOL- JONES?  :-//

KD0CAC John:

basketball jones


You can review screenshots in replies #390 to #401.


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