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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd IT WORKS!
I must have unplugged, uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers, rebooted, ect ect 50 times. Got in to be recognized once.  Finally got the the RNDIS permanent option installed using FLIRInstallNet.exe and "Set_RNDIS_permament.fif", from there it was all easy sailing. Didn't have any issues connecting with FTP at any point in the rest of the process. Got the basic package installed by following the straightforward instructions in the pack.

I think I'll leave it like that for a bit. Lots of heartache, frustration, and terror over the past day getting everything broken then more broken then working again. Those Christmas presets look realllly cool though. Thank you so much! See yall in a few days once I get a handle on all the current fun features.

Glad we could help. Enjoy your toy !  :)

Having some trouble hacking a E4 1.2L non wifi with firmware 3.16
RNDIS working but when I add common_dll and my new conf.cfc with my custom SUID, after rebooting I lost the MSX fonction (well, all the "image mode" setting) and camera look like low res instead of 320x240
Wondering if I should downgrade to 3.12 (that the newest basic package I found) and I've read fews times that downgrading is never a good idea 😅
Also, from what I read I should be carefull using wifi files on a non wifi version, maybe that why I lose MSX fonction and it's not working

edit : well, actually, common_dll is working (but it's the exact same size as the original one) and camera reboot and everything work like a stock one. Then the conf.cfc screw things up and I lose everything that is related to the vision camera. The temperature sensor work great

Be careful to replace files on the camera, don't rename existing files and copy in new ones.
You should be copying files off and saving them externally as your backup, then replace existing files if one already exists.
If you simply rename existing files, to get them out of the way, the cameras can find the old files and get confused. Especially with config files

Well, like you probably heard lot of time here already, I was dumb and using SUID instead of serial number in conf.cfg...  :palm:
Everything is installed I am at the christmas package 😅


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