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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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Use Telnet to connect to port 23 (can use puTTY program for that or other Telnet client) , login and run this command:


You may need to enter login credentials again if get invalid password message first time.

Post the result.


Thank you!

Try replacing the existing conf file with this one ( unzip and put in  FlashFS\system\appcore.d\config.d\   ).

After copying the file, power off the camera, remove the battery for 10 sec, reconnect and power on.

Thank you Bud!!! Now its taking pictures, i have attached a few down here.
After usb/ftp connection, the msx mode will be stuck on black and white sometimes but a cold reboot will fix it, also attached a pic

I see that the thermal image is already 320x240, thank you again for not only fixing it but also increased the resolution!

For my own curiosity and maybe posterity, i am wondering what went wrong in the first place

I see the common_dll.dll has a version of, but the SW version is 2.3.0, is it because someone hacked it in 1.xx and then tried to update the software to 2.3.0? Or was the common_dll.dll and conf.cfc got corrupted during transit?

Not really sure if the system is in a "clean" state, can i use the menu to factory reset the software to a known "clean" state?

Thank you again!!

Be advised that the E4 always produces a 320x240 pixel image, no matter what the thermal resolution setting. Upscaling is used to achieve this. For actual thermal resolution, look at the saved picture in FLIR Tools on the right hand side information pane. That shows the true thermal resolution.



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