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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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--- Quote from: tillmoss on January 09, 2022, 02:14:06 pm ---Hi, I’m new.
I have FLIR E5 WiFi with 3.16.0 firmware. Can I add this mod/hack to my camera? Where I can find a guide to do this?
I found only old guides for 2.x firmware. Is the same for 3.16.0?
I’m interested in advanced mod

In the conf.cfg I see this line “ text "app E4" ” Must I change E4 to E5?

Thanks to all

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1. Yes, you can do this to your E5 WiFi.
2. Download the 3.12 pack that Bud have posted here, and open the readme as a start:
3. Not sure, i think i saw someone mentioning replacing E4 with Ex for other cameras, but i never really bothered to read more as i have an E4.

I have just Liberated my E5 2.0L with 3.16.0.

Took me longer reactivating my old W7 Laptop and get it sorted for Telnet and FTP than applying the actual Liberation.

I deviated a little from Bud's procedure. I decrypted my conf.cfc to conf.cfg made only the changes for resolution and noise, as this is all I care for at the moment, and then encrypted back to conf.cfc for upload to the camera. Worked like a charm.

Altho Bud's procedure calls for Putty for the Telnet operation, putty is not really needed, Telnetting from a Command Prompt window works just fine.

For Reference:

python XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX conf.cfg conf.cfc  <-encrypts a plain text configuration to the encrypted configuration file .cfc


python XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX conf.cfc conf.cfg  <-decrypts an encrypted configuration file .cfc to a plain text configuration file .cfg

Where as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the unique camera SUID as obtained in step 3 of Bud's procedure.

Thanks to all that made this Liberation possible.


Yes you can mod your E5 camera.

The how to guide is included as a text file in the from here:

For executing step 7 of Bud's procedure I found it useful to put the conf.cfg file into the Python installation directory (in my case C:\python27) prior to processing it to conf.cfc

Bud's procedure steps for 3.12.0 and 3.16.0 liberation are essentially the same. Just be sure you upload the 3.16.0 common_dll.dll to the camera.
Use the 3.16.0 dll from here:

No, I'm not sure but I don't think you need to change text "app E4" to E5, but I guess you could experiment with this.

EDIT: 556 beat me to it.  :-+

Thanks to all!!!

In the next hours I will try. Can I enable also advanced menu in addition to resolution?
Is it possible to increase refresh rate?

Yes, you can also get the advanced menu. Look for Bud's upload in this thread.

I'm not sure, I doubt, the refresh rate can be changed.


--- Quote from: tillmoss on January 09, 2022, 08:41:20 pm ---Is it possible to increase refresh rate?

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