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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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The biggest bonus of the WiFi version is that you can skip the whole RNDIS step. I haven't found any real use for the WiFi capability, but then again i never changed the USB into RNDIS mode and it connects just like any camera in Windows 10/11 when i plug in the USB so file transfers is no big deal as a home gamer.

Running a script to do an FTP copy of all images from the camera when detected on the network sounds like a fun idea, maybe I'll try to get that set up one day.

@Bud I don't expect any guidance at all, I'm grateful for all the work many of you have done to allow us to follow in your footsteps. Still, its quite stressful as a newbie to learn everything at once, and hope that you don't mess up an expensive (to me) piece of technology. :)

My apologies in case I missed something or if this has been discussed already. I was wondering if there is a way to modify or add to the MSX Alignment distance selection. It be great, if possible at all, to add 0.2m and perhaps 0.1m.

Any chance this might work ?

Possible but alignment will only work over a small area of the image, because separation distance between the thermal and visual cameras becomes comparable to distance to the object.

Thanks for the reply Bud. I might give this a try.


@ALL other people involved in unlocking / decryption / manuals

Thank you for your work.
New e4 Wifi now behaves like e8 :) with advanced menu :)
   [the splash screen do not bother me]


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