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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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Hi, I followed the guide but must have goofed something up. My E4 hangs on the splash screen. I can ping it at and , but when I try to connect via FTP with WinSCP, it keeps telling me access is denied and continuously prompts for a password. "3vlig" does not work. Leaving the field blank does not work. What do I do about this?

Nevermind, I found the post discussing the recovery procedure. I successfully rolled back the changes. I think where I screwed up is failing to run the "stopapp" command. When I open a terminal in WinSCP and enter that command, it says that it's not recognized. Do I have to use Telnet from the command prompt for it to work? I know how to enable it, but I didn't think it would be necessary. Do I need to downgrade to 3.12.0 before I do the install, or will it work the same for 3.16.0? Thanks in advance. I did read a lot of the forum posts and it helped a lot, but there are a LOT of posts to go through. Sorry if my questions have been answered already.

Got it working. I was using the wrong "common_dll". My bad

Hi guys,

I'm new here and read almost all the posts about hacking the FLIR E4. I just got mine, it's a E4 2.0L with firmware 3.16 [attach=2]. Since 6 hours I'm trying to apply the resolution hack but I did not succeed. I followed all manuals:

- I could establish the connection from my Windows 10 64 bit PC via USB to the cam.
- I can open all folders with FileZilla 3.58.0 and made a backup.
- I downloaded the "common_dll_3.16" and extracted it.
- I downloaded the "Basic_3.12.0" and extracted it.
- I put the serial number "639082195" into the conf.cfg and saved it.
- I used Python27 to convert the conf.cfg with the SUID "40B9CF0200382C07" into the "conf.cfc".
- I copied the "common_dll.dll" and the "conf.cfc" into the folders.

I don't get a better resolution, and worse of all, the menu is not working any more. The picture select option is not available any longer and the temperature measuring crosshair is reduced to "middle" and "off" but for both options it just stayed off [attach=1]. I also read similar issues from other users and switched to the "cfccfg_V2" but the problem stays the same.

When I copy the original conf.cfc on the E4 2.0L 3.16, the menu works like before [attach=3].

Can somebody please help me?  :-//

Be sure the IR resolution setting and Noise Setting in the config file are set correctly before encrypting it.

and thanks for the replay!

As I said before, I am a noob and therefore worked straight according to the manual included in the "" and the one in the forum. IR resolution settings are correct (see attached file). The problem is, that not only the resolution stays low, also half of my menu is gone.
I bet the error is somehow rediculous but I dont find it...  |O


Did you remove the battery to force a cold start ?


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