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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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 E4 2.0L 3.16
has been tried for many times. As long as the common_dll.dll is replaced, it will be stuck in the progress bar. I operate step by step according to the tutorial. Before that, I successfully cracked an E4 and replaced it back to the original one, which can work normally. Will the common_dll.dll of 3.16 be incompatible?
Look, Shifu has released 3.9, but I have tried to update it with tools for many times and still remind me that 3.16 is the latest version

Who is Shifu?
You can't update modified cameras.
Make sure you do not have copies of original files left on the camera when you perform modification.

Sorry, my English is not good. I use the translation software.
I tried to update it after restoring the original file, deleting the copied copy and restoring it to USB mode with FIF. I tried to update it with Tools. it was detected that 3.16 is the latest version. Can you detect version 3.9? Can I update it offline?

I am not sure what you mean by "detect version 3.9". Nothing is detected automatically, you have to know the version of the firmware your camera is running, and use the matching modified dll.

Just used this method to perform the hack/update on an E4 2.0L running 3.16.0 I got second hand but had some issues despite reading/following here. I registered purely to give thanks and add a few helpful tips as this took me far longer than expected and I like to think I'm on the better end of the less clueless side!

Side note here that this worked on a Win 10 x64 machine running Python 2.7.18. Win Xp etc not needed.
I pretty much followed Sebastian82's step by step guide to doing this grabbing the 3.12 basic and advanced files but using the common_dll.dll he attached to his message. Link:

My only change to this was the way I ended up pushing the files to the camera itself. On my way to try to revert and try again from my initial backup I noticed it essentially directed you to soft-power off and then reconnect with a new anonymous user - I pushed the edited v3.16 DLL and .CFC files and hard rebooted the camera from there and then it booted with all menu options enabled and the camera in the higher res settings enabled. I'm guessing that there is a file lock held while fully powered on despite a reported 'successful' copy and this seemed to get around that.

Reset Instructions with the alternative file access options were found here:

@Sebastian82 - Did you want to give this amended method a try on your 1st camera that didn't update properly and see if that works for you too?
Hope that helps!


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