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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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Hello, are 2.0 HW and 3.16 FW  the latest versions when buying a new Flir E4?

3.16 is the latest version of E4. You can check it online using Tools.

I just got my "modified" E4 out of storage and see that it has firmware version 1.19.8. A few questions, if I may:

Can I update the firmware without losing the "modifications?"
If not, is there a way to re-implement them with the latest firmware (3.16)?
Mine is an older E4, bought in 2014. Can I use the latest firmware?
I can't seem to find a list of firmware features. What are the significant improvements with the newest firmware over what I already have?


To be aware….

Firmware version 1.19 predates all attempts by FLIR to block the upgrade so may be considered the most ‘modification friendly’ release.

Version 1.19 is stable and works very well with the E4 hardware with no bugs that need fixing with an update

Version 1.19 contains a full service menu that enables a user to update the dead pixel map if a new dead pixel occurs. Calibration is also possible. Later versions of firmware had the service menu features removed. IMHO, that is a significant loss.

Think very carefully before taking a step into the mess that was FLIR’s attempts to prevent the upgrade in later firmware versions. For me V1.19 was the purest firmware with most potential for reconfiguration.. saying that, Bud has done an excellent job creating the upgrade for the latest firmware releases. You still do not have the ease of access to the configuration or the invaluable service menu facilities though.

As someone at FLIR once told me “we got it right with version 1.19 and the later versions are just housekeeping and countermeasures to an upgrade”. I seem to remember that a USB streaming function appeared in the later firmware but I am uncertain if this works with the older hardware platform that you have.


Thanks for that great info! I think I'll be leaving well enough alone.



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