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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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KD0CAC John:
Bought a used once for roof leak in a hot rod warehouse E4 WIFI 13.3.0 , he left out the charger - I charge with USB at this time .
Would like to find a charger stand & battery holder [ have lots of 18650s ] but everyplace I find the cost is too much ?
     Main question with the last couple of post , reverting to 1.9 , have not modded yet , have downloaded Buds info , but computers & do not seem to get along , so have held off on the mod ? 

Have you considered using one of the many “Universal” Li-Ion chargers that are available ? I own many of these useful chargers and have used them to charge all manner of Li-Ion batteries, including the Ex series battery. They are smart little units that auto detect battery contact polarity so you cannot get the polarity wrong  :-+ The charging management is as good as you will find in most OEM chargers as a modern Li-Ion/Ni-Mh charge management IC is used. Obviously you do get varying qualities of these chargers on the market and the safety aspects of the power supply needs to be considered, just as with buying inexpensive power supplies.

Look for “Universal charger” and you can decide if they meet your needs  :)

How to use the charger……

1. Set the adjustable contact distance to that needed for the battery.

2. Switch on the charger

3. Place the battery in the charging ‘bay’ and allow the spring loaded clamp to secure it in place.

4. Wait for the charger to indicate full charge on the display and remove battery  :-+

2-Power make a decent universal charger. I own a couple of them.


I have several Hahnel Unipal Plus Universal Chargers that can charge from a mains power pack or car cigar lighter socket adapter (both supplied). They are great little chargers and I like the positive feel and accurate adjustment of the contact position system that uses helical drive rods and thumb wheels. These have thin blade type contacts for batteries with the narrow enclosed slot type contact design. This is not an issue with the open type contacts of the Ex series battery though.

Regarding making a Ex series compatible battery holder to take a 18650 cell…… I think you will need to design your own as I do not recall such a product being available or even a 3D printable design. The battery is simple with only normal cell protection and no gas gauge so you could copy it without drama, but 3D printing is likely the way to do it.

KD0CAC John:
What about downgrading 13.3.0 to 19 ?

After flie E4 is cracked, what happens if you upgrade the system firmware without restoring the files?

If you need to upgrade firmware, what should you do before upgrading?

After cracking, if the firmware is accidentally upgraded, resulting in system crash, can I restore it with a backup file?

If you upgrade without restoring the stock firmware, there is risk to brick the device. There was a reason for the boot screen warning message.

If upgraded accidentally, you may or may not be able to roll back, it will depend on the new version, not possible to tell.


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