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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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KD0CAC John:
What Flir does not get any credit --- when we hack the camera ;) ;)


--- Quote from: comtec on January 18, 2023, 05:12:02 pm ---I have update my E4 with basic and advanced pack.
All functions work ok, but added features have no icon, just blank, but can be selected.
Is there a way to get these working ?

--- End quote ---

Check that you replaced facet.rcc file in /FlashBFS/System/ folder. New icons are in that file. You can check the timestamp or the file size should be ~900KB.

Hello all! This is my first post on the forum. I just want to say thanks for all involved with this project. Everything worked like a charm.

I have one question, I somehow skipped over the 3.12 liberation package. I hacked the 3.16 firmware with the original Basic 3.9 package. Would there be any reason for me to restore/recover my device back to the original and install the 3.12 liberation package instead?

*****EDIT***** I went ahead and did it. No noticeable changes, but at least I'm with the program. Thanks again Bud and everyone!


--- Quote from: Bud on January 18, 2023, 06:07:46 pm ---Does not look updated to me based on the pics you posted. There should be no logo in the bottom left corner.

--- End quote ---

Your right, I made the pictures before the last steps. This is what you get : a nice before and after :  :)

Hello everyone!

First off want to thank all the people involved in putting this whole process together. Really cool for it to be out here for everyone to enjoy.

Now onto why I'm here. Attempted to hack my Flir E5 Wifi v3.16 (as some others have done sucessfully). Couldnt get the RNDIS mode to work so decided to take the wifi route to do the hack.

Everything went super smooth, until it came time to do the cold start and I got stuck on the Logo screen for startup. Realized my mistake almost instantly... used the 3.12 dll instead of the 3.16 dll that was on a different post.  |O

Currently looking like a bricked camera unless anyone has any ideas?

I've attempted getting back into the camera via the recovery method. Computer doesn't recognize that the camera is even plugged in via the USB port. Can't seem to get flirinstaller to pick it up either.

If the answer is that this thing is bricked I'm not too worried (bought used pretty cheap so my investment is pretty low) so don't be afraid to just break the bad news haha.

Thanks ahead for any time spent helping me out.


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