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FLIR E4 Wifi Resolution and Menu Hack Thread

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Hi all,

I was told because of the hardware change to start a new thread here for the new FLIR Wifi units. I received my Wifi unit and successfully connected via RNDIS. I attempted the 2.3.0 regular E4 hack and received the error in the JPEG. I also had done a full backup before hand which I am attaching here. If anyone would be interested in using TeamViewer to take a peak into the unit or if there is any information anyone needs let me know.
Firmware 3.5.0

edit: files wouldn't attach, so I uploaded them here:

UPDATE: @Bud has done it! See here: Post 1336326

UPDATE: I have created a new tutorial video here:

Did you try the 2.11 hack? Can you upload the backup anywhere?

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Yes I just tried the 2.3.0(which came after 2.11.0) hack per the picture above,  I just uploaded the backup.

The 2.11.0 hack came after 2.3.

You are right, that's my bad. However yes it was the 2.11.0 hack.


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