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FLIR E40 (E60 upgrade) several issues


Hej Folks,

I've purchased a upgraded FLIR E40 a couple of weeks ago from one of our famouse Members.
Unfortunately the USB Port does not work.
I tried all of the USB mode options in the "hidden" menu in the camera informations: MSD. UCV, RNDIS etc. will not be recognized by my windows PC nor my Mac.

Beside that, I have issues with the Video mode.
The Videos are broken/glitchy after the FFC.

As you can see in the Video (after 22 seconds) the video freak out and will not really recover.

Here is a Video Link to that:

Resetting to "Reset default camera mode..." and "Reset device settings to factory default..." wont resolve the issue. :(

In WiFi mode FLIR Tools on iOS devices will not show any live stream from the sensor.. this is also broken..

Is there any way to get access to the device to fix this issue???

Can you help me with it?

If you bought it from a reputable person on this forum, I suggest making contact with them and asking that they resolve the issues for you. The camera appears to have a few issues. You ask about accessing the camera to fix the issues but that would need a thorough understanding of the firmware. I regret I cannot assist further with diagnosing the cause of the issues, but it does look like a firmware problem.

Have you spoken to the seller yet ?

(Not the seller of this item!)

You should also ask the seller for the original backup so you could restore the camera's manufacturer firmware if you ever need to.
You are not saying what update was applied. If it was the update for E4 WiFi from this forum, then the seller is in violation of the gentleman agreement which calls for restoring the firmware to the original condition before selling.

I have contacted the seller and we found an amazing solution to resolve the issue.  :)

Thank you Fraser and Bud for your help!


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