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Flir e40 firmware download issue


Can some one help me out?
I own a Flir E40 Exx series, which was making a firmware software download.
My computer crashed and had to be reset. now from Flir tools trying to re perform firmware update, an error stating camera not being recognised by software.
and when switching On camera, loading bar will get stuck and camera functions are not available.
is there any option what I can do to reset/reload last firmware version so I can begin to use it again.


there are different Exx versions with different methods for manual firmware updates:

old FLIR Exx P/N:490xx (2.23.14) Update Pack

Exx Late 2013:
FLIR Exx P/N:645xx / 646xx (4.10.0) Update Pack

manual firmware update can not be done as camera settings needs to be accessed.

I know.
But you doesn't tell us, which hardware version do you have.
If we know more, then we can check your current usb mode (RNDIS)

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for trying to help me :)
I have Flir Exx p/n:490xx (2.23.14).
is the 490xx hardware version?


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