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Re: Flir E40 Upgrade & Configuration
« Reply #400 on: September 18, 2020, 12:45:26 pm »
Hi all hardworking people,

got my hands on a E40 mk2 with MSX - sn 645 HW v. 1.2 FW 4.11.0

Managed to get it updated and working in 320 via Parallels Win10 on MBP. Took a while to realise that Flir Tools no longer installs the RNDIS drivers....

Questions: I have the 10mm (45deg) lens for my old E50bx. But when I use it on the E40mkII - MSX can not be enabled? (So add lens and REMEMBER to change lens settings to 45DEG)

2. Does that require additional calibration to get MSX or will it not work at all? (Got 3 options on MK-II in Lens " None, FOV 45d and FOV15d" - but on the MK I -  I have the 45DEG Lens as a 4th option with S/N listed. So "FOV 45d SN 234234234" - I have tried copying the Maps over from the MK I - but no change. So where does FLIR store that info?... 

In general I find the old MK I - more geeky ... but about the same image quality. I have not found an easy way to add more than 1 measurement box onto the MK II?

I do find focus easier with MSX - image kind of "jumps" in place when you have focus.

45 Deg lens seems to decrease temperature readings with about 2 deg C. So ALWAYS remember to set the lens settings correct else your measurements are out of whack!

3. Does anyone have release notes about what has happened since firmware 4.11.0? And is there a >4.11.0 with service menu available somewhere?

The manual now says it has a "Spotting" function which is meant to spot people with high temperatures - but I don't know which release that was in. The Menu for enabling it is not in the 4.11.0 (it disables camera sleep mode as well)



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Re: Flir E40 Upgrade & Configuration
« Reply #401 on: September 18, 2020, 02:04:33 pm »
About supplemental lenses and Exx series......

The E40 is designed to take wide or tele supplemental lenses as you know but, as thermal energy supplemental lenses, they have no effect on the built in visible light cameras field of view. MSX uses the visible light camera for scene edge detection so basically as soon as you change the field of view of the thermal lens, the MSX cannot match the FOV and becomes useless. It is therefore disabled.

The supplemental lenses are normally included in the cameras factory supplied calibration tables but for the most accurate measurements, FLIR say you need to send the camera and it’s supplemental lenses to them for full calibration with the specific lenses fitted. Whether this is truly justified is open to discussion. What FLIR do is install the supplemental lens and carry out calibration to create a specific calibration table for that specific serial number lens. Hence why your MK1 contains the serial number of the 45 degree lens as an additional 4th lens entry. FLIR state that you should keep the lens with the camera to which it was matched at the time of calibration.

The MK1 Exx camera contains the service menu and its calibration routines so a suitably equipped owner can calibrate the camera and any supplemental lenses themselves.You need accurate Blackbody sources for such calibration work. The MK2 Exx series had the service menu removed so sadly you are not normally able to calibrate your own camera or the supplemental lenses. I do not think the calibration tables from your MK1 camera can be used with any success in your MK2 camera.

If you really do need accurate temperature measurements whilst using the supplemental lens, you will have little choice but to send the camera and lens to FLIR for a supplemental lens calibration.

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Re: Flir E40 Upgrade & Configuration
« Reply #402 on: October 08, 2020, 08:14:06 am »
I found some interesting pictures in the flir_t6xx_pn55903_04_v5.38.8_update_pack.

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