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I bought e50bx and I would like to change temperature range. I made it 6-8years ago in e30bx and resolution and menu hack as you guys mentioned in other post.
But now I have strange situation. I made windows 7 on virtual machine (I am using win11 usually) and I connect to service menu but I cant open page "". So its imposibble to change range.

I have a question, do I need to change firmware to older version for changing temperature range? is it save? whith number of software will be the best?
I found pack with few firmwares but I think I have different in my camera, so I am not shure that is god idea.

So I downgrade camera by "flir_exx_pn645_pn646_v3.12.7_update_pack".
1. I installed 2GB SD CARD with this unpack filr (its important, SD card with 32GB dosnt work)
2. Turned on and hold on/off button until boot menu
3. Waited 30 minutes to downgarde

Is it possible to have 1200.C without RBF? can I use RBF from 0-650?   
How to upgrade resolutin, eliminate nois etc. in this camera? the production is new, menu is differen (like in e96)

Dear All,
thank you to this forum, I succeed to update my E40 1.0 by resolution up and noise down; my firmware is 5.3.0 (latest) and SN is 645xxx (my camera is with MSX).
To do so, I was only working on config.cfg file inside folder FlashFS\system\appcore.d\config.d;
I did a full backup by Wi-Fi connection, I changed the lines in the file about resolution and noise, according to post information, I recalculated new CRC with posted CRC01.exe and everything is working fine.
Considering nice success at first time  :), I'd like to add some more function which is specifically for E60 (I think) and described in the owner manual; like, for example, condensation or insulation alarm or several other which seems miss in my E40.
Is there any possibility to do it just again working on my config file, or I need some additional file change or other things?
I saw some post about fully replacing original config file with E60 config file (of course updating SN and CRC), but I'm not sure I can do with my firmware and camera version and cannot understand clearly if additional step are necessary.
May please someone help me?
thank you again for all effort on pushing our thermocamera to its real technical limit!

When you read this thread and any other on the Exx series always remember that there are MK1 and MKII (msx newer front buttons) Most of the threads are about the MK1 and those extra options are not real easy to make work on the MKII because even though you enable them in the config.ini the gui is not present to be a menu item. But you can go down the same config file you already modified and turn things on and off (usually just a few at a time so you can go back if something really bad happens) Then use the cell phone app flir tools and make a connection to your phone. A lot of the times the app will have things like medical buttons etc. that you can enable on the phone and will happen in real time on your camera. But they do not stay upon reboot. I had a MK1 with almost everything enabled and it was different but not really anything most people need, so just enjoy the MSX feature.

Hello all, just quick upd of work in progress on config.cfg file.
I succeed to also implement insulation alert, zoom x8 and some other function, just by working on "false" -> "true" and related parameter line.
I think enough satisfied, at least if not discovering some other interesting (to me) "hidden" feature, I will stop here my update.
thank you again for forum support on suggesting way to improve E40.


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