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I bought e50bx and I would like to change temperature range. I made it 6-8years ago in e30bx and resolution and menu hack as you guys mentioned in other post.
But now I have strange situation. I made windows 7 on virtual machine (I am using win11 usually) and I connect to service menu but I cant open page "". So its imposibble to change range.

I have a question, do I need to change firmware to older version for changing temperature range? is it save? whith number of software will be the best?
I found pack with few firmwares but I think I have different in my camera, so I am not shure that is god idea.

So I downgrade camera by "flir_exx_pn645_pn646_v3.12.7_update_pack".
1. I installed 2GB SD CARD with this unpack filr (its important, SD card with 32GB dosnt work)
2. Turned on and hold on/off button until boot menu
3. Waited 30 minutes to downgarde

Is it possible to have 1200.C without RBF? can I use RBF from 0-650?   
How to upgrade resolutin, eliminate nois etc. in this camera? the production is new, menu is differen (like in e96)


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