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The thread regarding the E4 camera is now nearly at 400 pages with many useful information from helpful users. I have spent about an hour reading through it, but unfortunately information about upgrading the E40 camera is rather old. I have one unit which I recently got with firmware Version 3.18.0 (E40 1.0).

If someone can post a quick instruction on this model, I would really appreciate it and I promise to report back and provide a detailed instruction with any issues I encountered.

Thank you!

Edit: Section removed as pointed to the wrong thread

You do not need to read all 400 pages. Mike put all the important links on the first page.
Basically the E40 acts the same a the E4, there is nothing special.... oh, and make a backup first!
For the first time you will need some time if you work carefully and concentrated (including backup etc. you will need 3 hours) - so make sure nobody disturbs you.

there is no point-to-click hack for the Exx

the first post from mike


and go to 19 "Resolution upgrade Flir E30/E40/E50 to E60 and i3/i5 to i7"

if you have a newer firmware/hardware, then you must help to hack it

a nice history from E30 (without WLAN)  to E60 (with WLAN);u=89829

I will give no futher reply in this thread.

Thanks, I will make an effort and will report to this post with issues/findings.

If anyone else has any input, I would appreciate it. If successful, I will make a detailed reports.

As promised, I have been working on documenting the step-by-step procedure to upgrade the E40. I have everything figured out except for the fact that the new E40's, aren't shipped with all the files like the old firmware.

As a result, I need the files which comes with the E60 in order to be able to make the modifications.

Can someone please post their E60 files (like an image of the instrument files) and I will create a nice package for everyone who would like to do the same.

Thanks guys!


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