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Flir E40 white screen

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In an effort to fix my bad touch screen I bought a $50 and a $18 screens from ebay they looked the same but both whitescreen in my flir so I had to put my old screen back in.


I bought the replacement LCD panels and touch screen digitisers separately. I believe the details of the correct digitiser were included in the post that detailed the Garmin Zumo replacement screen compatibility. In your situation, you can peel away the touch screen digitiser and fit a new digitiser. The digitiser is held in place around the edges with double sided tape. What I am uncertain about is whether you have access to the digitiser calibration routine to fine tune the stylus/finger position detection.


My camera has the utility and the x moves around then says complete. But I also found (with my bad screen) I could tap anywhere on the screen and it accepted it. So taps work but where I tap does not and then I can't use the keyboard. On a side note even though my camera is the MSX model and I was on the latest firmware I down graded it to 3.12.7 and it added a complete working Service Menu


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