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Flir E40bx Broken Charging Port

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Hey guys, I have been lurking about for a while, but this is my first post, so please take it easy on me. I just purchased a Flir E40bx as a "no power" auction on Ebay. Turns out the charging port is destroyed (see picture attached). I read the thread "FLIR E60 Battery Connector Pinout..." (shout out to Cat), which was very helpful on pin layout for the charger. If Flir has their own proprietary connector (ie. not replacable), I was wondering if anyone ever tried switching the original power connector with something more standard. Also, if someone could enlighten me on why the original power adapter had two ground pins that would be great. I didn't know if the middle wire was maybe a signal wire or something else. Thanks in advance for the help.


I think its a Hirose MQ172X-3PA or 4PA

@railrun The MQ172X-3PA looks extremely close, but one of the plastic guides is missing. I will measure the one I have when I get home, and see how close the measurements are. I unfortunately don't have a charging cable, so that is why I was asking about a possible replacement port. It would be nice to put a standard power port on this thing, so you wouldn't have to have the proprietary power charger as well. However, if this one is the right size, then I might go with this, so any future users will have an almost original connector.

Fraser swore that the connector was a Hirose as well, but could not find the exact model. I will have to let him know he was right.

@railrun Thanks for the tip, but the connector is not proportioned right, and 2 of the 4 legs are not in the correct position. You could force it to work, but would still be in the position of having a weird one-off connector.

I don't understand why they didn't just allow the Mini USB to charge the unit, since it was already on there?!? I am half tempted to find a used charger, lop the connector off, and solder it straight to the board. Then come up with some quick disconnects for mobility.

I would suggest to buy an external charger and a second battery.
Sometimes you will get them pretty cheap on ebay.


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