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Hi Everyone,
First of all, thank you all for the great info on this forum. I've been lurking here for a while reading up all the great info and was able to "upgrade" my first thermal camera, an E4 in about 15 minutes. I then caught the thermal bug and snagged an E60 on ebay.  :P  Just the camera, no battery or power supply... Yeah, I know $$$. So, I'm waiting for a battery to come in and don't want to rip the camera apart, just yet. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the pinout for the battery lugs so I can connect a regulated PS to it and fire it up. I'm pretty sure the battery is rated at 3.6V but I have no clue on the pinout of the battery or the unusual power plug. 50/50 shot, yeah I know but I don't want to chance they have no reverse polarity protection inside. Any assistance would be great!

Here is the pinout of the battery (Part No. T198553).
It is rated 3.6V but when fully charged you have the typical 4V at the positive terminal.
The pin in the middle has 10kOhm to GND, probably a PTC/NTC or a simple resistor for identification.

... and here the pinout of the powersupply.
It is rated 12V 3A.

Hey Cat!
Thank you very much for the detailed information. I was able it power up the camera and verify that it does indeed work! At first, I was a little too conservative with the current and the camera kept rebooting from the splash screen every 10 seconds. It appears the camera needs at least 1.5A @3.6V to boot.
Thanks Again for the help!

It's so silly how expensive these batteries are. Only 2600mah. Maybe I'll shove a NCR18650GA into mine? lol. Could even 3d print a housing for it and make a weeks worth of batteries.


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